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2 Live Session (25th & 26th Feb)


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2 Days



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Get 15 days Free access to TRADE DON’S Software and discover the revolutionary power of data-driven options trading for consistent profit.

Hey Traders

Become a profitable trader beyond price action & learn data analysis skill

The Option Income Blueprint For Market Enthusiast

Leave behind outdated methods of price-action and chart patterns. Discover the revolutionary power of data-driven options trading for consistent profit.

2 Live Sessions

  • 1st Theory Session
    25th Feb
  • 2nd Practical Session
    26th Feb



*2 Hours each


  • Mix of Hindi & Hinglish
  • Easy to understand for everyone

You must attend

  1. Beginners: Perfect for new traders seeking a fresh approach.
  2. Experienced Traders:Enhance your strategies with data-driven insights.
  3. Financial Enthusiasts:Explore new trading techniques in the financial markets.
  4. Specially If you are interested in option buying

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    Revolutionize Your Trading Approach:

  • Accurate Decision-Making: Make Informed Trades Backed by Data, Not Guesswork.

  • Increased Profit Potential: Maximize Returns with Data-Driven Strategies That Identify Profitable Opportunities.

  • Confidence in Your Trades: Trade with Certainty, Knowing Your Decisions Are Supported by Data-Driven Analysis.

  • Stay Ahead: of Market Trends with Real-Time Data to Seize Profitable Trades..

The Success Stories

We embarked their journey, now they talk success

Mr. Gunjan Arora at Trading As Profession has trained more than 15,000 Proprietary Desk HFT / Scalping professionals with more 95% success in building professional career & more than 99% of Happiness Score. Now we are presenting a new learning for women to quick start their earning, hear out whatdo they have to say!

Post going this program I understood it’s a journey and it’s difficult to find a mentor like him who is always around you to support you in your studies and gradual progress. I started my journey in losses, from there I made my first profit of Rs 500 & now I make over 50k a day. Thanks to Guru Ji!.

Dr. Rakesh


As an experienced doctor in my 70s, I can confidently say that the stock market is not an easy task. Like any other profession, it requires ongoing training, practice, and guidance from a mentor who can provide direction. Mr. Gunjan Arora is an exceptional individual with profound expertise in psychological strategies for trading.

Mr. Virat Arya

Cloud Architect (US)

By profession I am a businessman and it was fairly easy for me to understand Trading as a business. After learning from Mr. Gunjan Arora Sir I’m able to make consistent income from Options Trading I love the way he teaches and implements what he teaches.

Mr. Manoj Upadhyay

CEO (Steel Industries)

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What's in it for you?

Know your returns with us

“Data reading is the hidden secret in the world of option trading.”

–Gunjan Arora

“Find a way to trade with emotion’s of others to get success in your trading career”

–Gunjan Arora

Here's what you get

Concept of Financial Markets

What is data?

Where it comes from?

Who creates this data?

How to read this data?

Concept of Open Interest & Buildups

What is Open Interest?

How we can use it?

Who create Open Interest?

Can it be used as an Option Buyer?

Action Plan

How to execute?

How to co-relate with charts?

Concept of time correction.

Treasure Box

Book - By Gunjan Arora

  • India’s one and only Gita on data reading in F&O

Treasure Box contains

Academy’s Notepad

Customized Pen

Delivered physically by our delivery partners within 3-4 days

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Trade Don’s Software


Get 15 days Free access to TRADE DON’S Software and discover the revolutionary power of data-driven options trading for consistent profit.

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Meet Your Mentor

The amazing man behind this amazing initiative

Gunjan Arora

Mr. Gunjan Arora

Propdesk Trader | F&O Data Reading Expert Option’s Mentor | Author | Entrepreneur 7+ Years Of Experience in the industry

Meet a trader who excels in multiple roles: scalper, strategist prop desk trader, fund manager, and the investor's top choice . He has trained over 15,000+ professional traders and personally coached 3,000+ individuals, delivering over 57,600+ hours of live coaching.

This exceptional trader possesses an unmatched skill set and an outstanding reputation. His coaching sessions are dynamic and engaging, empowering traders to make informed decisions in the complex market landscape using data analysis which is the one of the key pillars used by proprietary traders in the US market.

Engage with this exceptional trader to gain invaluable knowledge, strategies, and insights for consistent trading success. Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, his expertise will guide you towards achieving your financial goals.


People trained in-person


Professional trainer trained


Min. of live coaching delivered


Profitable Trading Experience


F&O Data Learning & Mentoring


Books Written By Mr. GUNJAN ARORA

Books by - Gunjan Arora

Rich Option Poor Option

Rich Options,
Poor Option“

India"s only Gita on data reading in F&O

*Available at all leading stores in India


Trade With Emotions Of Others“

Coming soon

*Available at all leading stores in India


She Trades
wings of Financial Freedom

Coming soon

*Available at all leading stores in India

Recap Of What You Will Be Getting After Joining Us

2 Days Workshop with highly experienced Mentor

1st Theory Session on 25th Feb

2nd Practical - During Live Market on 26th Feb


Treasure Box worth ₹799/-Physically delivered at your door step through courier at no cost


Get 15 days Free access to TRADE DON’S Software and discover the revolutionary power of data-driven options trading for consistent profit.


Worth 999/-


Join our workshop risk-free: 100% money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our priority. Experience valuable insights and practical knowledge.

The Features

What we have for you ?


Option buying


Informed Decision


Data Reading


Trade Execution


What we have for you ?


Who should attend?


If you understand basics of market

If you are a Financial Enthusiasts: and want to explore options trading.

If you want to be an option trader

If your interest lies in buying option rather than selling

If you want to be a full time professional trader

If you interested in learning how Data impacts options

Book your slot !!

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Fees : ₹ 199


100% Money Back Guarantee

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Join our workshop risk-free: 100% money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our priority. Experience valuable insights and practical knowledge.

I promise You

No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

I am here to help you grow your skills required to invest in Stock Market, while you generate some side income using the skills and I am here to share extremely valuable secrets and insights which have impacted over 15,000 professional traders and investors.

I personally ensure everyone who comes and attends my workshop gets more than they expect. Hence, after attending the workshop, if you still don’t find enough value for some reason, I take complete responsibility and ownership of that. Thereby, I promise to give a complete refund of the workshop amount viz, Rs 199 and you will still be awarded with the treasure box. All you have to do is mail to me at care@tradingasprofession.com and my team will ensure you are provided with a refund in the shortest amount of time.

With love,

Gunjan Arora

Unable To Decide

The numbers speak for itself.


Growth in daily returns

(6 Months)


traders continuing the jounrney

(6 Months)

*average earning 35,000 per day


figures annual income

(in approx. 6 Months)


Frequently Asked Questions

Trading is a skill just like any other skill, all you need is to find a mentor.

~ Gunjan Arora



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“Learn trading using emotion of others.”

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